Entrepreneurship Is A Roller Coaster Indeed

One has been hearing this repeatedly … Entrepreneurship is a like a roller coaster … 18 months into the technology startup life has just taught me how true this statement can be. It can also be a wavy turbulent sea … pulling and pushing to the left and to the right, a minute up and a minute down. Few have told me what to expect and here I am.

One day, I get adrenaline pumped into my whole body as I receive a warm voice inviting me and my company to bid head-to-head against the big boys for a many-hundred-thousands pounds project by one of the largest telecommunications groups in the region, but as time passes by and for months to come nothing happens pushing the spirit deeper day after another into the land of fear … until you hear from them again pushing one back to the land of hope. Between fair and hope I continue to explore a world of thousand opportunities, hoping the next would be mine.

There are other moments, when I feel proud or I feel that I really nailed it. These moments are the ones that makes the journey possible. One day back in May on a relatively hot morning in Cairo, we had  customer delivery that exhausted our server and we had a main server outage and everything was shutdown. Thank god, the break was approaching, so we told everyone that we will take the break half an hour earlier. We had 60 minutes to fix everything and bring every user to were he or she was before the outage. In this emergency situation and with no exchange of words each team member embarked in his part fixing the code or dealing with inquiries. When the break was over the service was fully restored and the client couldn’t barely notice what happened. We dealt with a crisis like professionals!

No one can really understand how the entrepreneur feels until he or she becomes one. It is something you read about in a hundred books before you start the journey, but as soon as you sit in the driver’s seat the world looks much different. I am not sure how other entrepreneurs feel, but to me the journey is as exciting as the destination. The thrill, hope and fair are so real, so that one becomes really connected with his or her own soul and feeling the real essence of being human.

The roller coaster image by Flickr Werner Böhm.

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